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Frans Feldberg


Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Research field
Data Science


Frans Feldberg is Professor of Data Driven Business Innovation at the KNI-research group, School of Business and Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His actual research is on how organizations can create value from (big) data and analytics.

He is co-founder and member of the Executive Board of 'the Amsterdam Center for Business Analytics (www.acba.nl), a multidisciplinary research institute in the field of big data, business analytics and data science. ACBA is working with a variety of companies on big data and business analytics projects.

Frans is also co-founder of Data Science Alkmaar (www.datasciencealkmaar.nl), a regional knowledge and innovation center in the field of data science and big data, in which regional municipalities, Vrije Universiteit (ACBA) and local businesses work together intensively.

As a business consultant, he has extensive experience in the development and implementation of data & analytics-driven business models, services and strategies for national and international companies.

His research is on the interface of business administration, organization sciences, cognitive psychology and computer sciences. He is specialized in decision making behavior and data-driven business innovation. His actual research projects focus on answering the question: How do organizations realize value from (big) data and analytics?


Borner, K., Berends, H., Deken, F. and Feldberg, F. (2023). Another pathway to complementarity: How users and intermediaries identify and create new combinations in innovation ecosystems Research Policy, 52(7):1--15.

Borner, K., Deken, F., Berends, H. and Feldberg, J. (2021). Innovation ecosystems and systems of use: How users and intermediaries create complementarity-in-use Research Policy, :.