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Jason Roos


Erasmus University Rotterdam
Research field
Internet and New Media


I work at Erasmus University, where I am an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Rotterdam School of Management. I earned my PhD from Duke University. My research has been published in Marketing Science and Management Science, and I am a recepient of the INFORMS Society for Marketing Science Dissertation Award.

My research considers questions in the areas of entertainment and information goods, digital advertising, and other online phenomena. I also study how behavioral scientists conduct experiments. I especially interested in settings where information, learning, and other types of adaptation affect choice. I use methods from Bayesian econometrics, structural causal models, and multivariate statistics. My current analytical toolkit includes R, Stan, SQL, Python, and C++.


Roos, J.M.T., Mela, C.F. and Shachar, R. (2020). The Effect of Links and Excerpts on Internet News Consumption Journal of Marketing Research, :.

Roos, J.M.T. and Shachar, Ron (2014). When Kerry Met Sally: Politics and Perceptions in the Demand for Movies Management Science, 60(7):1617--1631.

Mela, C.F., Roos, J.M.T. and Deng, Y. (2013). A Keyword History of Marketing Science Marketing Science, 32(1):8--18.