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Why study Business Data Science?

The Research Master in Business Data Science is a two-year program (120 EC) and prepares students for a PhD trajectory in Business departments. Students are typically hard-working and independent, mathematically skilled, creative and inquisitive individuals with academic ambitions. 

Why study Business Data Science?

This research master may offer the right opportunity for your further studies. This is what we offer:

Challenging new research opportunities 

The availability of big data from a growing range of interconnected, interactive, and interoperable devices and the concurrent development of powerful quantitative techniques are giving rise to new perspectives and paradigms in the field of business. To leverage these opportunities, there is an increasing demand for highly trained specialists who can extract insights out of big data to solve business-related problems. The BDS courses tie the foundations of data science directly to different business fields. 

Jumpstart for PhD trajectory

The program is a two-year research master (120 EC) aiming to train future PhD students who will start their doctorate at one of the Schools in business and economics of the three partner universities. The program helps students to jumpstart their PhD trajectory not only through solid training, but also with direct experience in research (provided during the seminars, research clinic, research hackathons, skill workshops, thesis, interaction with faculty, research assistantships opportunities), and teaching (e.g., teaching assistantships opportunities). Students who successfully complete the research master Business Data Science are assisted in finding PhD positions at one of the three partner universities. 

Focus on Data Science

The program has a strong focus on data science, presented to the students at a higher theoretical level than in a traditional master program.

Focus on preferred specialization 

In the second year, students focus on a business discipline, selecting from: 1) management science (entrepreneurship and innovation, marketing science, human resources and organization, knowledge and information networks, management and strategy) 2) operations analytics 3) quantitative finance and accounting. The courses have been carefully selected by a team of experts with the aim of ensuring the perfect learning trajectory in each subfield.

Small-scale program

Admissions are highly selective and competitive. A maximum of 30 students are annually admitted to the BDS Research Master program. The class-size limit of 30 students guarantees a high level of interaction in the classroom, detailed feedback from faculty, and the support of a strong cohort.

Scholarships and tuition waivers available

For talented students scholarships and tuition waivers are available. Please inform the Director of Graduate Studies if you want to be considered for funding by BDS. If you need assistance in applying for external funding: contact the admissions officer

Three leading universities

The BDS program is embedded in the fervid research culture of three leading universities, benefitting from the expertise and research network of top-notch faculty. Not only are the rich variety of topics and methodological approaches covered in this program unique, the broad network employed/drawn on by participating faculty (with connections at MIT, NYU, LBS, and JADS, to name a few) is a valuable asset for future scholars. The cooperation between the three Schools guarantees first-rate education provided by highly qualified scholars, embedded in an excellent infrastructure.

Amsterdam & Rotterdam

BDS has its own offices and a dedicated support staff in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam (shared with the Tinbergen Institute). Students have their own computer facilities and office space. Student housing is available for international students moving to the Netherlands. Read more about locations, housing & research facilities.

Research Master Business Data Science in 16 slides!

View sheet here

Career prospects

The program is connected to PhD positions at the Schools in business and economics of the three partner universities. 

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Tel +31 10 4088916 (admissions office)