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Research Master students

Research Master students

Business Data Science research master students

First-year students do not have to register for courses and the seminar series. 

First year students have to decide on the full program of 2nd year electives before the end of block V of the first year. Students are allowed to register for extra field courses, which can be taken in case of course cancellations. Any other change in course selection once the registration has been closed needs an explicit motivational letter by the supervisor and the approval of the DGS.

Students also need to register for 1st year courses they failed and have to re-take in the second year of the program.

Students who want to withdraw from a course once the course has started are requested to inform the educational office by sending an email to courses@businessdatascience.nl no later than Sunday after the first lecture. 

Should less than five students register for a course, the course may be cancelled.