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PhD students

PhD students from partner institutions

PhD students affiliated to one of the partners of the Business Data Science research master program and Tinbergen Institute are welcome to attend courses from BDS’s Research Master program. Registration is required for all courses they would like to attend by filling out the registration form. Fee: 1.500 euro per course for academic year 2023-2024, to be charged to the student’s department.

Partners are: School of Business and Econonomics (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), School of Economics and Business (University of Amsterdam) and Erasmus School of Economics (Erasmus University).

PhD students from partner institutions: Research Qualification

Many PhD students are directly hired for a specific research project and did not complete a research master program before starting PhD research. A concise set of research master courses gives these PhD students the opportunity to acquire additional and necessary knowledge and skills. Students who complete the educational program qualify for the BDS Research Qualification. More information can be found on BDS's Intranet.

BDS Research Master Graduates

BDS research master graduates working as PhD students at one of the partner institutions are most welcome to participate in additional field courses during the later years of their studies. Please register for courses by sending an email courses@businessdatascience.nl. No fees will be charged for PhD students who graduated from the BDS research master program.

PhD students not affiliated to BDS partners

Under certain conditions and subject to approval by the Director of Graduate Studies, PhD students not affiliated to one of the partners are welcome to attend courses. External applicants will be admitted if they meet some equivalent of the course entrance criteria. Capacity restrictions apply to all courses, and are particularly relevant for core courses. External PhD students should register for all courses they would like to attend by filling out the registration form. Course fee is 1.500 euro per course.