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Matching with a thesis supervisor

Researchers at the Business departments of the affiliated schools are available for master and PhD thesis supervision. 

First year of the program

In the first year of the program, students are encouraged to check out several options before choosing a specific sub-discipline. Students who need assistance or advice are invited to contact the Director of Graduate Studies for help.

Second year of the program

Second-year students match up with a master thesis supervisor before block V in the first year of the program. Ideally, the master thesis supervisor will also continue as PhD thesis supervisor. 

The three faculties have PhD employment positions available to offer to students who successfully complete the BDS research master program. Students are advised to check with their thesis supervisor under what conditions they can transfer to a paid PhD position with that same supervisor.

BDS cannot guarantee that all students find a match and a PhD position within the three faculties. For distributional reasons it may be harder to transfer with one supervisor in one departmental research group than with another supervisor in another group. Therefore, students are also encouraged to investigate externally funded PhD opportunities available at the schools. To facilitate this, researchers present to students their externally funded PhD projects.


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