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Matching with a thesis supervisor

Researchers at the Business departments of the affiliated schools are available for master thesis supervision. 

First year of the program

In the first year of the program, students are encouraged to check out several options before choosing a specific sub-discipline. Students who need assistance or advice are invited to contact the Director of Graduate Studies for help.

Second year of the program

Second-year students match up with a master thesis supervisor before block V in the first year of the program. Master thesis supervisors are available at the three schools participating in the BDS research master.

Finding a PhD position

In the second year, students are encouraged to investigate options for a PhD trajectory. Students are advised to discuss with their thesis supervisor whether he/she can assist in securing funding for a PhD trajectory at one of the partner schools in the BDS program. Researchers will be invited to present to students funded PhD projects. Some projects may be funded by industry partners. The level of collaboration and interaction with the industry partner varies depending on the project, the company and the student.

In the Netherlands, PhD students are typically employed by the faculty as PhD researcher in a full-time position with all the benefits of employment, including a good salary. During the PhD track, funding for (foreign) travel, conference visits, literature and so forth is available.

Students who successfully complete the research master Business Data Science are assisted in finding PhD positions. Ideally, the master thesis supervisor will also continue as PhD thesis supervisor.
The program cannot guarantee that all students who complete the program will find a PhD position.