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New Organizational Data in the COVID Era

  • Series
    CAED2020 Online
  • Speakers
    Keynote: John Van Reenen (MIT, United States)
  • Field
    Empirical Microeconomics, Organizations and Markets, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Data Science, Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
  • Location
  • Date and time

    August 28, 2020
    14:00 - 15:00

Tinbergen Institute and the program in Business Data Science jointly host the online seminar series Comparative Analysis of Enterprise Data. The series promotes comparative research using enterprise microdata on a variety of topics and from different (and inter) disciplinary approaches. The seminars are a unique meeting point for producers and users of these data, including statisticians, survey methodologists, economists and econometricians, business researchers and other data scientists.

The monthly online CAED2020 seminars will take place on the last Friday of each month at 14.00 (CET)

Zoom info: https://vu-live.zoom.us/j/91977994464

password: see Tinbergen Intranet, Event Login tab.