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Home | News | Workshop on Platform Economics
News | October 11, 2023

Workshop on Platform Economics

This day-long workshop will bring together academics and policymakers at the Tinbergen Institute in Amsterdam. We will discuss recent academic research in the economics of platforms, new policies that are being implemented to help control gatekeeper platforms, and further possibilities for cross-pollination between the two.

Workshop on Platform Economics
Content of the workshop

Since around the turn of the century, competition case law and research in industrial organisation have yielded numerous insights into the operations and optimal regulations of platforms. With the introduction of new policies like the Digital Markets Act, new opportunities emerge to engage in comprehensive discussions about how recent research in platform economics and effective policy strategies to manage the ‘big techs’ can move forward in symbiosis.

Numerous new questions continue to arise that both academics and policymakers can help to address. For example, what is the effect of exclusive vertical relations within platforms on the competitive landscape? How can different platform models help contribute to fair competition? What academic insights can assist regulators in their role of ensuring a delicate balance between social objectives such as fostering openness, encouraging collaboration, ensuring fair competition, and upholding the principles of privacy protection? And what new policy concerns can inspire and benefit from further academic research? These and other questions will be addressed during this day-long workshop.

Keynote lectures by

  • Lucia Bonova (European Commission DG COMP)
  • Paul Tang (European Parliament)
  • Julian Wright (National University of Singapore)
Contributed papers by

Tobias Klein (Tilburg University), Ulrich Laitenberger (Tilburg University), José Luis Moraga-González (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Ruben van Oosten (University of Amsterdam) and Mark Tremblay (Miami University).


Registration is required. Please note that the workshop is solely for academics and policymakers working in the area of platform economics. Our purpose is to create an environment suitable for an open exchange of ideas.

Find all information on the workshop website.