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Vladimir Vladimirov


University of Amsterdam
Research field


I am an Associate Professor of Finance at the University of Amsterdam. My work is at the intersection between corporate finance and applied contract theory with an emphasis on the strategic interactions among firms, investors, and the agents working for them. The main applications focus on optimal financing and liquidity policies and corporate governance.


Boot, A. and Vladimirov, V. (2019). (Non-)Precautionary Cash Hoarding and the Evolution of Growth Firms Management Science, 65(11):5290--5307.

Inderst, R. and Vladimirov, V. (2019). Growth Firms and Relationship Finance: A Capital Structure Perspective Management Science, 65(11):5411--5426.

Sautner, Z. and Vladimirov, V. (2018). Indirect Costs of Financial Distress and Bankruptcy Law: Evidence from Trade Credit and Sales Review of Finance, 22(5):1667–1704.

Vladimirov, V. (2015). Financing bidders in takeover contests Journal of Financial Economics, 117(3):534--557.